We use the Hebrew School curriculum, developed by the CKids Organiztion.

Super Jew Curriculum 

Israel Quest Curriculum

Aleph Champ Curriculum

JewQ Curriculum


  • Hebrew - Beginning with letter recognition for our youngest children, this program leads students through phonetic decoding, reading comprehension & writing. Age appropriate textbooks & workbooks will be completed throughout the year.  We also implement the successful and effective Aleph Champ Program.

  • Torah (Bible) & Jewish History - The children are introduced to the characters & stories of the Torah.  They are given an overview of Jewish history starting with creation to the giving of th Torah to modern day Israel.

  • Holidays - Each grade examines the holiday from a totally different perspective, making each year's learning a new & exciting holiday adventure.  Hands-on lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we proceed from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays through the holiday of Shavuot.  The students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday, its traditions & customs. We will also host holiday celebrations for students & their families.

  • Jewish Values & Ethics - Each year we cover a different aspect of our Jewish values & ethics.

    •  "Marvelous Midos & Manners," which is a selection of 12 human-to-human Mitzvot, including respect, gratitude, & tzedakah.

    • "Discovering the treasure within" A soulful journey into the meaning of life, the joys of being Jewish, the soul connection on our food, song, prayers and holidays.

    •  "My Jewish Home" gets a virtual tour of the mitzvot connected to a home, including Mezzuzah, Shabbat, Kosher & Cleanliness.

    • "A better world begins with me" How to live a better life and make the world around us a better place. 

    • Torah and Mitzvot encyclopedia, including the environment, appreciation, humility, proper treatment of animals, kiddush & happiness.

  • Arts & Crafts - Art projects are incorporated into our curriculum to add to the excitement of the upcoming holidays and Mitzvot.

  • Extra Curricular - We offer a variety of extra curricular activities such as special guest speakers, Friday night dinners, and contests.  These events allow our students to experience Judaism in its entirety.