It’s time to welcome the JewQ International Torah Championship to Panama City Beach!

Now entering its 5th year, thousands of Hebrew school students from around the
world are becoming experts in Jewish knowledge.

Your child will have the opportunity to master core Jewish concepts and
compete at a local and national level.
Eligible test scores will also earn your child a spot
on an unforgettable JewQ Shabbaton in NYC.

The top three finalists from our school will get a chance to compete
onstage at the final game show event in March.
We know they’ll make the entire CHS of The Arts proud!

It’s the JewQ Championship of a lifetime, and your child is invited to become a contestant. After signing up, each participant buys a copy of the Living Jewish textbook, which contains all the content for studying. At Hebrew school each week we’ll review the information together as a group.

Are you in? Make sure to get your JewQ book and help reinforce the JewQ learning at home.
Click below to purchase the book. 

For more info about the program visit

Children can also play games at home themselves - have them visit: