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  • Soul Quest

    Six Week JLI Course
  • The before, during, and after. Life is a journey, but it's also a cycle. Unravel the mystery of death by exploring life, and get answers to your questions on the afterlife and beyond. Learn where you come from, where your lost loved ones are to be found, and how the before and after is all about the here and now.

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  • Lesson Plan

  • ►Lesson 1: Meet the Pilot To talk about death, we first have to talk about life, and the soul that is the source of life. In this lesson, we examine the classic sources to develop the idea of the soul and its properties, and examine the purpose of the soul in this world.

    ►Lesson 2: Before You Were Born We establish the soul as the "real self," eternal in its existence. We look at the origin of the soul and the manner in which it prepares for its descent into the world, as well as Jewish customs of pregnancy and birth designed to aid the soul in its transition.

    Lesson 3: Death and Beyond In this lesson, we examine death from the perspective of the soul. We look at the Jewish customs of death that aid the soul in its transition out of the physical world. We talk about Gan Eden, the pleasure the soul receives as a result of its positive actions in this world, as well as the process of Gehinom that is meant to cleanse the soul so that it can reunite with its source. The lesson also addresses the ultimate state of the soul when it returns to this world during the era of the Resurrection of the Dead.

    ►Lesson 4: Reincarnation The soul usually requires many lifetimes to complete its mission. Each lifetime adds to the experience of the soul so that currently we are able to draw upon the lessons of previous lifetimes. This knowledge allows us navigate our life and mission with greater hope and confidence.

    ►Lesson 5: Eternal Bond Once a soul has left this world, despite its exalted spiritual place, it can no longer perform mitzvot, and we become the hands and feet of the departed. Our actions here cause great delight for the souls above. This lesson discusses the customs of Kaddish, Yahrtzeit, Yizkor, and visiting the grave. It also discusses the ways that departed souls may communicate with us, and pray or intercede on our behalf.

    ►Lesson 6: Toward a More Meaningful Life By understanding the different stages of the soul's journey, we can live our own lives more fully. Each day is, in fact, a microcosm of the soul's journey, and the current moment is pivotal in launching us towards a fuller future. We end our course with a morning meditation to inspire you to make the most of each day.

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    As with other JLI programs, the course is designed to appeal to people at all levels of knowledge, including those without prior exposure to Jewish learning.

    All JLI courses are open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or house of worship.

    Course price:

    $69 including a student textbook (couples $115, including one textbook)

    Class dates:

    Six Tuesdays, starting November 2023


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