Welcome to the Panama City Beach area!

Visitors are invited to join Shabbat services in our synagogue and Shabbat meals at the Rabbi’s home.


Where can I find Kosher Food and What kind of Kosher Food is available?

There is no Kosher restaurant in the Panama City Beach area. If you are looking to buy Kosher food at the supermarkets, you should find dry food at Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, or The Fresh Market. some extra Kosher food can be found at these stores. Publix has small frozen Kosher food section, very rarely there is Kosher food in these supermarkets also. You can buy kosher meat or chicken at Chabad, as well as Kosher CY diary food. Publix also carries PY bagels, Publix brand (with a special sign on that) Walmart carries PY rolls – Pretzilla brand. The Fresh Market carries Challahs for Shabbat (with a special sign PY on that)


Hotels, Synagogue and Mikvah

Our synagogue is located at the “Miracle Strip Business Plaza”, 5 Miracle Strip Loop unit 12, Panama City Beach FL 32407.

There is no Eruv in our area.

You can find many hotels or suits at 10-15 walking distance from the synagogue.

There are Arvit and Shacharit Minyan / Services every Shabbat. During the summer we have also Mincha and Seuda Shlishit on Shabbat day.

For weekdays Minyan updated information, you should contact the Rabbi before at 850-252-5550. 

For Mikvah appointments please call Chaya at 850-252-5651. Mikvah is open by appointments only. Appointments should be at least 24 hours before. call us if you need a special request.


Kosher Food Service

Welcome to Panama City Beach’s Kosher Service. If you are visiting here, and you are looking for Kosher Frozen food, you can call us and schedule your visit to buy for yourself Kosher food from Chabad.

If you are visiting here for Shabbat or Holiday, and you can not join us for meals, You can order from us Shabbat packages, basic essentials needs, or Shabbat meals.

If you are visiting here and looking for Kosher meals on weekdays, please contact us to see our Kosher food and pick-up options for this season.

Please place your order at least 36 hours before your expected mealtime to ensure your food will be available.

You are welcome to order as early as you’d like as long as you specify the date that you need your order. 



Kosher Panama City Beach

Shabbat Packages

We have Friday Night Dinner Package, Shabbat Day Package, or Entire Shabbat Packages. 


Please contact us at  office@chabadpcb.org

or call: 850.252.5550

to get our full Challah / Shabbat Packages options.

Let us know you will be here for Minyan. 

Shabbat Shalom and have a safe visit!

You are welcome to reach out for any question or any need, we would love to hear from you and meet you here.